launches Social Music Discovery application on Orkut

Mumbai: has launched its Social Music Discovery Application for Orkut OpenSocial Platform.

With this launch becomes the first startup to provide a converged application enabling social discovery of Indian music to millions of Orkut users.  

With the launch of this new application, enables users to discover and share music in a social context. The application has been deeply integrated into Orkut’s social platform to provide an engaging experience to users and to enable seamless sharing of the user’s listening tastes and favorite artists with Orkut friends within the application and on the user’s profile. The application provides access to bollywood music, which is currently available at, along with profiles of thousands of artists, their albums, movies, and songs. has also upgraded the scrapbook to add widget-like functionality where users can add videos, songs, and links to their scrap-posts, on both user and artist profiles. Also, to add to social discovery and generation of content, has now enabled the option for users to be able to contribute to biographies of their favorite artists, while also being able to upload photos, and videos for any artist.