Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol Breaking: Devil Is Back Again!


With the dramatic entry and killing everyone in shock, he was even thrown out from the bigg boss 8 house same way.

Yes we are talking about Ajaz Khan who was thrown out from the house for his wrong behaviour with Ali Quli Mirza.

Just like last year, Ajaz Khan had created a mess with the contestants, and this time the target was none other then Ali Quli Mirza. From the time Ajaz entered the house, Ali and Ajaz have had heated arguments. Ajaz kept irritating Ali for no reason that frustrated him out.

This created a big fight between both the friends. Ajaz couldn’t control his behaviour that made him to punch Ali not once but twice and thrice for some argument. While Ali choose to stay quiet and not hitting him back in return.

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And Guess What the devil is back again!

We Business of Cinema exclusively let you know that Ajaz Khan will enter Bigg Boss house tonight for a while.

It’s just two days left for the finale, but the surprises for the contestants do not end. We don’t know about other contestants but Ali Quli Mirza is surely going to go in trauma after watching Ajaz Khan in the house again.

Let’s see what turns out for the contestants after Ajaz Khan enters the Bigg Boss house as a guest.

Entertainment or fights?

Stay tuned to Business Of Cinema to know more about what’s happening in the Bigg Boss 8 house and the winner of the season.

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