Are Fame Hungry Filmmakers Using Salman Khan’s Case For Publicity?


The film inspired by Salman Khan’s blackbuck case, Qaidi No. 210 launched its shoot yesterday. The cast and crew of the film are completely inspired by the superstar and claim that the whole motive of the film is to portray Salman Khan in a good way by showing the whole truth of the blackbuck hunting that took place.

Filmmaker Ranjeet Sharma and his whole crew were persistent on calling Salman Khan as their God and that the whole film is inspired by the superstar as well as dedicated to him. He went so far as to state that if there can be a temple for Amitabh Bachchan, why can’t there be a temple for Salman Khan.

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But the question is, is all this really about making a good film or is it just a publicity stunt to use Salman Khan’s fame in order to gain recognition? When asked about the same debutant Usmaan Khan who is playing the role of Salman Khan in Qaidi No. 210 stated, “There is no question of publicity. Our producer wanted to make a film based on the blackbuck case and thus we are making it. The whole film is based on the true incident and none of it is fiction.”

The other question that arises is that does Salman Khan know about the making of Qaidi No. 210, and if so has he given the green signal for it? According to Ranjeet Sharma and Usmaan Khan, Salman Khan was unreachable and thus was unavailable for comment. When asked if in case of Salman Khan objecting the film’s making will the film be scrapped producer Ranjeet stated, “No. He’s our God, we will persuade him to let us make the film and I know that he will agree.”

Salman Khan who is currently shooting for his film Bajrangi Bhaijaan has yet not made any statements about Qaidi No. 210. It will be interesting to learn the actor’s opinion about the same.

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