A film on wanna-be film stars

MUMBAI: Maa Movie Maker Productions’ Adarsh Nagar – An Ideal World is a story of wanting to be film actors. The film stars Verona Babi, niece of Parveen Babi along with new finds Viresh Pal Singh, Samar Veer Naruka, Piyush Sachdeva and Shabana Sultan. The film is ready and is slated to release soon.

Verona Babi says, “Being related to Praveen Babi does not help. The subject is frivolous and the role is good. I am sure it will relate with many wannabe actors.”

Director Vishal Verma adds, “Adarsh Nagar – An Ideal World is an exposure on film world. It is a saga of five characters, who are the main protagonists in the film. Hailing from different backgrounds and religion, they come to Mumbai in pursuit of fame and money. The film delves into unhealthy cut-throat competition, adverse conditions, nepotism, emotions, dilemmas, contradictions of moral principals, short cuts, immoral tactics etc.”  

Producer Ravi G. Panda says, “Adarsh Nagar… does not have a huge budget. The film illuminates the darker sides of the film industry. The format of the film is entertaining without preaching, but it is also an attempt to break the infatuated hallucinations of the aspiring artistes and show harsh reality.”


The film is scripted by Sanjay Katyayan while Ibrahim Ashq and Shabbir Ahmed have penned the lyrics. Santokh Singh has provided the musical composition.

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