FX School launches its first Visual FX School for Animation and Digital Filmmaking in Mumbai


    MUMBAI: FX School launches its first Visual Effects institute in Mumbai at Andheri.

    FX School is the first school in India to have a production-ready environment including a state-of-the-art chroma studio, fully-equipped practice labs and art rooms. FX School offers an environment complete with a café-lounge and personalized continuous career counseling, professionals who help the student master his skills in his chosen disciplines.

    Announcing the launch FX School MD and Founder Abhyudaya Morarka said, “We are proud to present FX School, a world class animation, visual effects & digital film making institute. As India emerges as one of the top favorable destinations for outsourcing digital content development and creation, there exists a large vacuum in the industry for adequately skilled people work force. FX School was born from the passion to create high quality Animation, VFX & Digital Film making education professionals in India to help the country capitalize on its talent

    “FX School, with its baseline GO BEYOND, truly goes beyond mass-market education in the field of digital content creation. Its well structured courses use innovative methodologies to combine theory & practice that arm students with unmatched ‘real world’ training. Its curriculum is unique and industry-friendly as it’s derived from better understanding of the media world and how the various subjects and processes inter-relate with each other. The course content was developed ground up with high caliber inputs from international experts and industry acclaimed professionals. Teachers also go through an intensive and continuous training program for best courseware delivery,” he added.

    FX School academic director CB Arunkumar said, “Our approach is based on our real world experience and aims at developing students as more ‘industry-aware’ professionals. We aim to impart as complete an education as possible within a training environment. Instead of following each individual subject sequentially, we simultaneously cover interconnected areas so that a student actually understands how they relate with each other within a production process.  The Course is divided into a 3-tier certification process where a student moves to a higher certification level only by passing the earlier level or by being granted a waiver by a faculty member based on their proficiency. So our foundation level course covers a wide variety of subjects in the Digital Media space like animation, visual effects, photography, and scriptwriting.  Then based on the student’s interests and talents, they would specialize further within the field of their choice.  Finally, the student would excel in one area to become a true practitioner in that field.  The FX School curriculum does more than just teach students the tools and how to use them. It allows students a complete understanding of the Art for which these tools were created.”

    Marketing head Dinanath Gokhale says, “FX School, with its holistic approach and unique delivery model, will provide the perfect platform for anyone who wishes to be part of the Digital Content Creation (DCC) revolution. Our methods are simple yet powerful and academic yet real world. Our students will not just be industry ready on completion of the course, but will be able to fast track their career based on the solid foundation that they will imbibe at FX School. We not only expect 100% placement of our students, but also assure them of becoming the most coveted fresh talent thus attracting a much higher salary than average. Anything less, and we would have failed! On the other end of the spectrum, the production houses that have an acute need for high quality resources will not have to re-invest in training, but can immediately deploy them in the production pipeline.”