Aamir Khan introduces Prateik Babbar while showcasing trailer of Dhobi Ghat

MUMBAI: Aamir  Khan introduced Prateik Babbar while showcasing the trailer of his upcoming film, Dhobi Ghat, directed by wife Kiran Rao.

Khan said, “I am here as a producer today. Prateik is a dream, for a producer to work with. He was extremely dedicated. He practiced for 2-3 months, before we went to the Dhobi Ghat and interacted with the dhobis. He is ideal actor among today’s generation. I’m very happy to present Prateik to you.”

Babbar said, “I’m very grateful for such a wonderful opportunity. I’m very lucky to have Dhobi Ghat as my first film. Usually actors have their first films which have a romantic track but Dhobi Ghat is a very different film, and the script is just so good, that I was drawn to it.”

Khan described Dhobi Ghat as an art film, which is very different from what audiences have seen till now. It has a fine fibre to it and is very sensitive.
 Babbar added, “Aamir is just so many things to me. He’s like a father, brother and friend so the comfort level I share with him is great.”