Aamir Khan to launch his website on 10 October


MUMBAI: Actor Aamir Khan is all set to launch his official website called www.aamirkhan.com tomorrow (10 October). The site will go live at 00.01 am.

The actor, who has been blogging with fans on www.lagaandvd.com ever since the release of the Lagaan DVD some months back, will blog and even chat with fans on his new website.
What’s more, Khan will also reveal the first look of his upcoming movie Taare Zameen Par exclusively to his fans on his new website on 11 October. In his post to his fans on the Lagaan blog, Khan writes, “Taare Zameen Par first look will be revealed through a curtain raiser that will be on the site www.taarezameenpar.com. Remember I had promised that y’all will be the first to see anything of the film. Well here it is. This curtain raiser breaks world wide in theatres on 12 October, but you can see it on the 11th at www.taarezameenpar.com.”

On 12 October, the curtain raiser of Taare Zameen Par breaks in theatres worldwide. With the going live of Khan’s new website, the Lagaan website will be shut down. All the posts and comments by the actor and his fans on the site will find a new home in www.aamirkhan.com.< Page Break >

Interestingly, Khan pulled a fast one on his fans via his blog. The actor thus wrote – “Well folks, all good things must come to an end and it is with a heavy heart that I inform you that this is my last post on this blog. I want you all to know how much I have enjoyed interacting with you’ll and will terribly miss this very intimate space that I shared with you. I know that along with me many of you have also gotten used to this space and have got used to hanging out here. Friendships have been formed here and new acquaintances made. Ideas exchanged and comfort zones created. Not to mention squabbles. Unfortunately all of this will have to end now. The reason guys, is that henceforth I will simply not have either the time or the bandwidth to continue with this blog. Before I get all emotional let me say a quick goodbye and make my exit, as this is tough for me. Alvida. Love. Aamir.”

Scroll down a bit on the page and one realised that he’s been fooled with Aamir’s “Gotcha!!! This blog is coming to an end folks and I wont have the time and bandwidth because THE PARTY IS SHIFTING TO www.aamirkhan.com. I can’t see your faces right now but I’d give my right arm to be able to. Sorry guys I couldn’t resist it.”

Khan’s new website will have two features – a blog and a chat. Writes Khan, “This is probably the first of its kind (I think) and it was developed on specific requirements given by me. This will be a 24/7 live chat. Anyone wanting to be part of it can just jump in. Whenever I plan to come on live on to the chat I will give you’ll prior notice…, or I might not. Which means, that if I have 10 minutes free I can log on, and if I see an interesting chat taking place then I can just join in. Also this chat will have two rooms. One is the general chat room where everyone will be and the other is my personal room. So I can pick anyone from the general chat room into my personal room to have a one on one. Every one can watch us chat while they continue in the general room but you can’t come in. You come in only if I click on one of you, and leave when I want to invite someone else. Got It? Well once you see it on the site you’ll get the picture. Importantly if I chat from a computer, which has a camera then you’ll see me live as I type. I hope this puts an end to speculations about whether its really “me”.”

Khan will have his first one hour interaction with his fans on the new website on 10 October at 9 pm (IST). He will then come live again on 13 October from 8 – 9 pm (IST).