Abhay Deol on Zoom’s Let’s Talk

MUMBAI: Actor Abhay Deol will be seen in a candid chat on Zoom with Tarana Raja Kapoor, the host of celebrity chat show Let’s Talk on 18 April at 8.30 pm.

A strong believer of a well-balanced educational back-up, Abhay who has pursued a course in Fine Arts confesses his love for animation and theatre. Before getting into Bollywood, he was actively engaged in designing cartoon characters on T-Shirts, which evolved into a creative business.

He avers being most scared of Sunny Deol from the Deol family and admits being extremely fond of his big Punjabi joint family. While being quizzed further, Abhay during the show embarrassed Tarana by telling her of an instance four years ago when radio was getting popular and he had met her for an audition with his resume of which Tarana could remember nothing.

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