Abhishek Bachchan goes green; to endorse WWF’s Earth Hour


    MUMBAI: Abhishek Bachchan certainly believes in extending his beliefs across his endorsement deals. Taking forward the ideology behind his cellular company Idea to the next level, AB junior is now going to be the brand ambassador of WWF’s Earth Hour.

    The actor flew into Delhi early on Wednesday morning to be the voice of saving global warming by being part of the international campaign of switching off all electrical appliances for an hour daily. Bachchan tells Businessofcinema.com, "The concept is to lessen the usage of electricity, which will henceforth save the planet from warming up."

    At a press conference a day earlier to launch the latest entrant in the DTH services – Videocon, the actor revealed that he practices various methods of saving electricity daily and gave certain tips to all. He said, "Please switch off your mobile chargers when you have completed charging your phones and to certainly switch off the main switch of television sets and not just keep them on standby mode."

    The actor has been on a campaign to prevent global warning. Apart from his Idea campaign that has certainly been thought provoking, Abhishek is also part of IIFA’s platform of Going Green. He, along with the organizers of IIFA, event company Wizcraft International, was instrumental in getting the red carpet converted to a green carpet for the Awards function in an effort to raise the awareness of going green.

    Abhishek Bachchan’s latest campaign for WWF is just another case where he can press his case of spreading the message of saving fuel for a better tomorrow.