ACT TV to invest Rs 4.5 bn for IPTV service in Bengaluru


MUMBAI: Bengaluru based multi system operator (MSO) ACT Television has launched ACT Interactive TV service in the city with an investment of Rs 4.50 billion (Rs 450 crores).

With this launch, ACT becomes the first player to have introduced the Interactive TV service in Bengaluru. ACT has utilised advanced R&D expertise and technology with aesthetics and performance to transform the face of television in India with this IPTV service.

Interactive TV delivers better than digital content services to subscribers using Internet protocol over a broadband connection in a closed network infrastructure. Interactive TV is also known as triple play service, which allows television broadcasting, high-speed internet connection and telephony.

ACT Television MD Sunder Raju said, “India is one of the largest cable markets in the world and has tremendous potential. After going through intense R&D with the help of our technology group, we are very excited to be the first company to launch this revolutionary IPTV service in Bengaluru. Our aim is to provide our customers with the finest, most reliable and cutting-edge interactive TV service which is the future of the Indian television market.”  

“ACT Interactive TV will turn a television set into a convergence device. A viewer can watch his favourite TV channels, get movies of their choice at the click of a button from a huge library, with over 4000 films across three languages have been licensed, watch millions of videos available on the internet, record one program while watching another, pause & play live TV and connect various devices in the house to view images stored on them. Soon they will be able to play multi-user games, send emails and voicemails from their TV sets, conduct online shopping, education and banking using a compact remote,” he added.

Some of the features that ACT will provide are Internet Videos, True Movies on Demand, pause & play live TV, record a program while watching another and Media Centre.

The True Movies on Demand service has over 4000 film titles in three languages.

Additionally, ACT plans to add features like Catch-up TV, which automatically records programs of the last 90 days from all the channels, E-Shopping, a feature will help the user to virtually navigate through the entire store while sitting on the sofa at home, Online Education, Video on Phone, Travelogues, astrology, city info, news, stock and weather updates, cooking programs etc.

ACT has tied-up with technology partners like Oracle, Siemens and Cisco.

The price will depend upon the services a customer subscribes for. A customer can avail of IPTV services at the lowest rate of Rs 300 a month.  

Currently, ACT has test launched the IPTV service in Bengaluru, with the roll out happening in various phases. Subsequently, the IPTV service will be rolled out in other cities which have ACT’s presence like Indore and Nellore amongst others.

ACT has been funded by IVFA (India Value Fund Advisors), which is a premier private equity investment fund focused on mid-sized firms in India.