Actress Meenakshi Thapa’s Murder Shocks Her Director Into Creativity


Meenakshi Thapa

MUMBAI: The brutal murder of junior artiste Meenakshi Thapa has awakened at least one conscience in Bollywood. Talented Director Prawaal Raman in whose critically-acclaimed 2011 shiver-giver ‘404’, Thapa had played a part, has decided to make a film inspired by Thapa’s horrific end.

Said Prawaal to, “It’s not just about Meenakshi whom I remember shooting one sequence with in my film ‘404’. It’s about hundreds of starry-eyed aspirants who come to Mumbai with their dreams. Thapa tragically lost her life. Many them are killed emotionally and spiritually as they cling on for years struggling, hoping to become a star one day. Many young people sell their body and soul trying to buy their dreams. I can imagine what horrors they go through.”

“This incident has brought into focus the whole get-rich-quick generation that has taken over Mumbai. Every migrant in Mumbai wants to own a car in the first six months of his stay in Mumbai. In two years he wants to own flat. Shortcuts have become a way of life in the metropolis,” added the Director.

Prawaal wants to explore this distressing wannabe-rich culture through the Thapa episode. Says the sensitive director, “I remember a very nervous girl on my set. My team was equally nervous because she was an inexperienced actor chosen for a small scene. Meenakshi Thapa shot for us for just a few hours and managed to deliver. Tragically she has fallen prey to the greed of those who believe  in short cuts.”

Prawaal feels there’s a lesson in the Thapa episode for all youngsters who come to Mumbai to pursue their dreams. “It’s not just about the entertainment industry.It pertains to all the professions.I fear such an incident would  deter youngsters from leaving their homes. Are the metropolises really so unsafe? I want to tell young people through my film that it’s okay to chase your dreams as long as you don’t take shortcuts to arrive at your goal.”

Prawaal stresses that he doesn’t want his film to be an overnight project meant to cash in on a headline. “It has to be responsible writing. Because we’re talking about living up to our commitment as a responsible society. Let not young dreams become nightmares. We owe our future generations the right to be ambitious without tripping on their dreams.”