Ra.One Animator Charu Khandal’s condition improves



MUMBAI: Charu Khandal, who led the animation team for Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Ra.One’, was battling for her life when close to a month ago, Manoj Kumar, under the influence of alcohol, was speeding his car and rammed into her rickshaw.

Having suffered multiple fractures and injuries to her spinal cord in the accident, the animator underwent many hours of surgery and was later strapped to tubes and numerous medical contraptions to keep alive. On Tuesday, a month after the terrible day of her life, the 26 year old muttered her first words.

"She’s happy, she’s whistling, she keeps smiling. She knows the condition she is in, but has not let that bog her down. She did ask about the other friend, but has since been very positive," quoted her sister Ritu to a daily.In her brief conversations with everyone, one of the first few things Charu requested for was – greenery.

“Those were the first words she uttered. She told the doctor that greenery would help patients feel good and recover sooner,” explained Ritu. Very pro-nature, the night that Charu was brought to the hospital her last words before passing out were – “Somebody please water my plants otherwise they will die.”

Though there has been progress, it’s extremely slow. Her entire body has been paralysed below the neck. The Doctors are hoping to shift Charu out of the ICU in a week or so, after which she is likely to be put through physiotherapy sessions.