Adlabs acquires Bhopal cinema


MUMBAI: Reliance Adlabs has acquired a single screen cinema in Bhopal that had downed shutters last week.

Nirmal Sagar, which has a seating capacity of 1,266 and a revenue capacity of Rs 476,000 for 28 shows, will now pave the way for a multiplex cinema, complete with halls and malls.

According to local representative S K Kothari, “Reliance Adlabs had earlier made its presence felt in Central India (C.I.) by acquiring Mangal cinema in Indore. Mangal is a four-screen multiplex with seating capacities of 209, 416, 142 and 331 respectively.”

He further informs, “Apart from Reliance Adlabs, the Inox multiplex with three screens with capacities of 283, 287 and 533 seats respectively; PVR with five screens with 348, 362, 317, 148 and 24 seat capacity and Velocity with three screens with 578, 242 and 232 seat capacity are the only multiplexes in the C.I. circuit.”