Adlabs backs out from Baweja’s movies

Mumbai :Producer-director Harry Baweja is in spot. Baweja was negotiating with Adlabs to back him to the tune of Rs 500 million (Rs. 50 crore) for his three films and the deal has not come through.

A spokesman for the Adlabs on anonymity said, “We found the project a little unviable. So we decided to opt out of it.”

Baweja’s film Speed and the launch pad of his son Love Story 2050 – a sci-fi film are currently under production. Also his last two films Karam starring John Abraham and Priyanka Chopra and Teesri Aankh featuring Sunny Deol have turned cropper at the box-office.

It is always known that the best of the project can go off beam, when a financier backs out of the projects. Harry Baweja denies commenting on the same. “I have yet to receive an official letter. I cannot talk until then.”

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