Adlabs brings Penguins to India

MUMBAI: Adlabs will release the Academy award winning documentary Penguins: A Love Story in India on 13 April 2007 in four dubbed languages – English, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil.

Actor Amitabh Bachchan will step into the shoes of Morgan Freeman, who was the narrator in the film’s US version, by doing the voice overs for the English as well as Hindi versions meant for the Indian market. Described by some as a real-life action movie, March of the Penguins (as it is known internationally) has won critical acclaim as well as a plethora of awards, the biggest being an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature 2006, a Cesar for Best Sound 2006 and a BAFTA nomination for Best Cinematography, Editing 2006.

The film has also garnered record collections across the world with $77.43 m coming from its release in the US alone. According to Adlabs Film Distribution COO Sunir Kheterpal, “Releasing Penguins: A Love Story highlights Adlabs’ commitment to showcase critically acclaimed niche films for Indian audiences. Going forward, Adlabs, through its distribution and exhibition divisions, will continue to provide a proactive platform and consumer interface for path-breaking Indian and international cinematic content.”

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