Adlabs launches Easy Ticket initiative


MUMBAI: Adlabs Cinemas has a new venture up its sleeve. The multiplex has launched an application called Easy Ticket, which can be used to purchase film tickets, food and beverages.


This ticket can be bought at the box office, through IVR, mobile phones and the company’s website.


Adlabs has built a system, which is free from complicated machines and easy to access. Explains Adlabs Cinema COO Tushar Dhingra, “This system is operationally simple. One will not face any problems as it is easy to customize. There is a minor service charge for every convergence made. Films have universal appeal; hence we think all permutations and combinations can be tried with this for one’s optimum use. Apart from the convenience factor, this can be used as business gift for one’s database.”


Also, reminders will be sent out to people whose Easy Tickets are lying dormant for a long period of time. A web-based module has been chalked out for the same, which will track all the activities.


Talking about the idea further, Dhingra adds, “We are probably the first ones in the world to roll out an initiative like this. It is a long term project for us. Moving forward we will see a lot of co-branding happening with Easy Ticket.”


The company had conducted an extensive research for four and a half months before locking the date for its launch. “It is a tried and tested system. One need not roam around with the ticket, the mobile phone is enough. A seven digit code is given to every customer through which they can access their account. It has already been activated in all our properties across the country except Fame Adlabs since that’s not owned by us,” states Dhingra.


However, he remained tight lipped on the monetary investments in this plan but adds that the company has pumped in a fat budget for promoting this new initiative.