Adlabs to screen animated short-film series


MUMBAI: Adlabs Cinemas has partnered with animation studio Future Thought Productions to bring an animated short-film series – Crime Time. The original series will debut in all Adlabs cinemas later this month, with the option of extending it to other media platforms as well.

Each short animated film, under two minutes in length, will be played during intermission with new episodes being introduced on a periodic basis.

The Crime Time series are comic and is the story of Shifty (the criminal), a pint-sized pilferer with lofty ambitions and limited brainpower, who perpetrates crimes from the sublime to the ridiculous – never quite pulling them off and resulting in hilarious consequences. Rendered in a graphic style reminiscent of classic UPA shorts, the series is also action packed.

“The idea was to fully engage our audience at all times including intermission, and also to provide original content, putting our own distinctive stamp on the movie-viewing experience. We are looking at extending Crime Time to mobile, cable and satellite platforms as well,” said Adlabs Cinemas COO Tushar Dhingra.

Crime Time has proven to be a popular property with distribution throughout Europe, the US, Australasia and Latin America. We are delighted to bring this property to viewers in India exclusively through Adlabs,” added Future Thought Productions founder Jay Zaveri.