Adnan Sami free at last, from 3 year long divorce case

Adnan Sami
MUMBAI: Adnan Sami’s relief and joy knew no bounds when on Tuesday, the honourable judge of the Mumbai High Court threw out his second wife Sabah Galadari’s divorce case declaring that the couple was already divorced as per Muslim laws.
This brought to an end Adnan’s three-year ordeal whereby he was being repeatedly dragged into court for a prolonged divorce case.
Says Adnan, “It was the most bizarre three years of my life. This lady who was once my wife has been dragging me to court with all kinds of charges. But then she went too far. While taking me the High Court for divorce she also appealed for a divorce from an Islamic organization the Darul Qaza which has the authority to pronounce divorces. And that they did when she(Sabah) approached them. So on one hand she approached the conventional courts. On the other hand she approached the Darul Qaza. When this Islamic organization asked me if I wanted a divorce I was like, ‘Neki aur pooch-pooch?’ But strangely Sabah again asked the Family Court for a divorce. My lawyer and I wondered how many times she wanted a divorce from the same marriage. The Family Court didn’t know how to handle this. So we approached the High Court. Finally during the hearing at the High Court on Tuesday morning the Honourable Judge wondered how Sabah had approached two legitimate organizations for the same divorce and that as per law she had already received her divorce. And there the Honourable Judge –God bless her—ended my three-year ordeal.”
Exults the happy divorcee, “Let me dance and sing with my family and friends. This torture has been going on from Feb 2009. My wife Roya and I, and my mother have suffered so much! Let me for once tell the word how much I’ve suffered and what a huge victory this is for me. I had full faith in God and the Indian judiciary. I feel like throwing off my shoes like Waheeda Rehman in ‘Guide’ and singing ‘Kaaton se kheench ke yeh aanchal’. For three years she (Sabah) wanted only to harass me. Even when she got an Islamic divorce she was trying to manipulate the other mainstream courts to grant her another divorce. The funny thing was, she was the one who filed for divorce and I was like, ‘Take it take it!’ and she was like, ‘Not so easily.’ Now that she’s got the divorce, I want to tell her, please go. Leave me alone. Let me get along with life.”
Adds Adnan’s lawyer Vaibhav Krishna,  “I told the Honourable Judge Dalvi who by the way is a lady, that Sabah has gone to a parallel Islamic court and already obtained a divorce. I told the honourable judge that Sabah had already got a divorce from another court and was using the Indian laws to badger my client. The Honourable Judge was livid. She passed an immediate order and dismissed the case. The ordeal is over for my client. We were on tenterhooks because divorce laws are completely in favour of women. To have a lady judge see the absurdity of the charges was to me and my client a complete triumph of justice.”