Sujoy Ghosh begins scripting of ‘Kahaani 2’

MUMBAI: Sujoy Ghosh is the man of the watch. Filmmakers in several languages want to remake his ‘Kahaani’. While Tamil, Telugu and even English versions of the year’s sleeper blockbuster are on the anvil we hear the sequel to ‘Kahaani’ is now a throbbing reality.
Secretly unknown to the world Ghosh has been feverishly penning the sequel, and now just when the English, Tamil, Telugu versions of Kahaani are in the pipeline producers Viacom 18 and Ghosh are all set to start the sequel. And they want to waste no time in carrying the franchise forward.
In fact after Viacom 18 heard of proposed projects in 3 languages of ‘Kahaani’ they immediately got in touch with film’s co-producer Jayanthilal Gadha to discuss how the remakes would effect the sequel.
“Only after Viacom and Gadha were convinced that the sequel would in no way be affected by the remakes did the process of selling remake rights go forward. Viacom was very clear on the issue. The sequel should not and must not be affected by the remakes,” says a source very close to the project.
However a tug of war between the remakes and the sequel is currently on. Says a source close to the project, “Sujoy who is close to Aditya Chopra and Yashraj Films has been asked to be closely associated with the English-language version of ‘Kahaani’. But with Sujoy completely committed to ‘Kahaani 2’ and consumed in writing it,his chances of participating in any of the ‘Kahaani’ remakes is very slim. Viacom 18 are very clear on the issue. They want the sequel to not get affected by the remakes. Sujoy is busy writing the sequel and has cracked an idea.”
While details on ‘Kahaani 2’ are awaited two components have been locked in by Viacom 18: Vidya Balan and Sujoy Ghosh. The scipt we understand, will move out of Kolkata and take Vidya’s character to a  completely new setting. While further details are awaited Vikram Malhotra of Viacom 18 admitted, “We are going ahead with the sequel to ‘Kahaani’. That’s all I can reveal at the moment.”