AEG Network LIVE teams up with Action 3D


MUMBAI: AEG Network LIVE teamed up with Action 3D, as well as promoters AEG LIVE and C3 to capture over seventy-five hours of 3D footage from leading artists at music festivals, creating the largest library of 3D music concert content.
AEG Network LIVE established a joint undertaking with Action 3D to capture and deliver high-definition 3D content, as well as 2D content for television and live webcasting from music events such as Austin City Limits Music Festival, which also included mobile delivery, Lollapalooza in Chicago, All Points West in New Jersey and Mile High Music Festival in Denver as well as 2D high-definition and live webcasts for Virgin Mobile Free Festival and Rothbury Music Festival in Michigan.
Shooting artists’ live performances with Action 3D in the latest digital 3D format makes AEG Network LIVE the only entertainment producer to shoot in 3D with the new technology, while providing live webcasts via to online partners like and AOL/Bebo.
Using the most recent, high-definition filming technology of Action 3D, enables the production team the ability to capture footage by using only one production unit for all types of distribution points. 
“The combination of the new 3D technology and our strategic partnership with Action 3D have made it possible for AEG Network LIVE to create a new business model that allows us to shoot 3D concert performances for a wide range of artists and venues,” AEG Network LIVE president John Rubey, said in an interview. “The new model will not just benefit artists, labels and the entire production team, but will allow AEG Network LIVE to deliver more music cinema events and featured entertainment directly to the consumer.”
With the new business model, artists are able to garner more publicity as they are featured in 3D at select movie theatres (either solely as a single artist or performing at a music event). In addition, artists and labels can also choose to use the 3D footage for DVD and promotional purposes without having to pay any additional out-of-pocket costs. Not only do the artists and labels benefit, these 3D festival productions allow for bigger productions attracting more major headline artists allowing cost savings for everyone involved.
AEG Network LIVE is currently in the process of creating feature length 3D events for movie theaters and will roll out 3D features from single artists and festival highlights in participating cinemas this fall and in 2010 under the banner inconcert 3D.