Sony Pictures Entertainment selects FilmLight’s Baselight for new post facility


MUMBAI: FilmLight announced delivery of seven Baselight colour grading systems to Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE). The systems will be installed at its newly-built digital intermediate facilities on the Sony Studios lot in Culver City, California, and connected to the studio’s Digital Backbone. The package includes three Baselight EIGHT systems that have been installed in state-of-the-art 4K digital intermediate grading theatres designed for both standard and 3D stereoscopic feature film work. The installation also includes two Baselight FOURs for use in suites designed primarily for television projects and two Baselight Assists, for pre-grading and other preparatory work.


The colour grading systems are linked using a combination of Filmlight’s high-speed cloud network and Sony’s proprietary network. “SPE has built a post-production facility that will set the standard for the industry for years to come, and FilmLight is extremely proud that SPE Pictures has chosen Baselight as its grading platform,” said FilmLight founder Wolfgang Lempp. “Baselight provides Sony Pictures with a grading platform that allows it to work in 4K effortlessly.”


FilmLight’s Baselight EIGHT is the most powerful and sophisticated software-based colour grading platform on the market today, with 96TB of local storage and the ability to grade 4K images in real-time, even while tracking multiple masks. At Sony Pictures’ new post production facilities, the three Baselight EIGHTs are part of a complete 4K DI pipeline that also includes 4K film scanners, 4K visual effects systems, film and data projection systems, and film recorders.


The theatres can service both film-originated and digitally-acquired source media. In addition to finishing films for theatrical release, the grading theatres will be used for mastering and re-mastering films for home theatre and archival purposes. Central to the design philosophy of the facility is the high-speed infrastructure that connects everything together, reducing transfer and waiting times to an absolute minimum.