After Bheja Fry, Sunil Doshi readies Halla


    MUMBAI: He backed this year’s most unheralded and out-of-the-box hit, Bheja Fry and now producer Sunil Doshi is gung ho about his latest film, Halla.


    “We have just finished shooting for the film and are still undecided about the release date. It will be only after the first cut is over that we can we arrive at a decision on that,” Doshi informs


    This low budget movie, to be directed by novelist-turned-director Jaideep Varma, is tentatively titled Halla as the name sounds similar to Raj Kumar Santoshi’s Halla Bol. It’s interesting to note that even Bheja Fry was not the first title chosen; it was earlier called Ding Dong Baby Sing A Song. Music band Indian Ocean will be handling the music department.


    Shedding more light on Halla, director Varma says, “The film stars Sushant Singh, Rajat Kapoor, Mandeep Mazumdar, Vrijesh Hirjee and Kartika Devi in the lead. It’s in its post-production stage and we plan to release the movie in December this year.”


    The director is also working on his documentary film, which is themed around the music band Indian Ocean. “Besides Halla, I’m also making my 138 minute documentary, Leaving Home, for the big screen,” he sums up.