Akshay Kumar inaugurates Pankaj Dheer’s acting academy – Abbhinnay


MUMBAI: Actor Akshay Kumar inaugurated the Abbhinnay Acting Academy on Thursday. The event was hosted by veteran actor Pankaj Dheer, his brother Satluj Dheer and Sunita Hariharan.

Kumar and Pankaj’s friendship goes back right from Kumar’s first film. They have worked in six movies together including Ikke pe Ikka and Mr.Bond.

Actor Gufi Paintal is the head of the faculty department.

Pankaj said, “I strongly feel that the need of the hour is to have an acting school that will not only teach the technical aspects but also make one understand life, people, emotions and relationships. Acting is supposed to revolve around Navras, a method of teaching that is long forgotten. Exploring the Navras is the essence of our teaching. This is what Abbhinnay Acting Academy is all about.”