Akshay Kumar turns hands-on producer for Namaste London sequel


    MUMBAI: With his career as a leading man in the doldrums, Himesh Reshammiya has now eaten humble-pie and bowed his head in a obedient Namaste to Akshay Kumar.

    Composing music for the sequel won’t be as easy for Himesh Reshammiya as it was for Namaste London four years ago. This time Akshay Kumar would be monitoring every melodic move that Reshammiya makes, down to the last dying note. Akshay is also expected to contribute vocals to Himesh’s songs. This maneuver takes the shine away from Himesh’s earlier stance that he would compose and sing as per his own creative diktats.

    Akshay is no longer the sleeper-producer of the films he stars in. According to information available with Businessofcinema.com, as co-producer of Namaste London 2, Akshay wants to ensure every component of the sequel is in place.

    Says a source, “At the moment Akshay’s career is going through a downslide. All the comedies from Khatta Meetha to Thank You have under-performed. Akshay is looking at a serious career makeover. Many consider Namaste London his best film and performance to date. Akshay wants to  make sure that the film is as perfect in every detail as possible.”

    There’s also the added responsibility of doing a sequel for the first time.

    Adds the source, “Akshay has done only one sequel to Hera Pheri before. And that wasn’t really a sequel since the characters and plot had no bearing on the first film. The choice for Vipul Shah and Akshay was between a sequel to Singh Is Kinng and Namaste London, both with Katrina Kaif as his female lead. She was game for both. For a long time they tried to crack a sequel to Singh Is Kinng but the plot wasn’t getting anywhere. Then attention was turned to Namaste London 2. Akshay loved the idea. He now wants to give it his best shot.”

    As co-producer of the project, Akshay has asked Vipul Shah to keep decisions of Namaste London 2 on hold until he can pitch in seriously.

    Confirming Akshay’s hands-on participation in the first bonafide sequel of the star’s career (not counting Phir Hera Pheri) Vipul Shah says, “Well, he is the film’s co-producer and yes Akshay is taking very active interest in the genesis of Namaste London 2. In fact, I am waiting for him to be free of his other present commitments so we can discuss the music, script etc.”