Amit Pareek wins FILMY’s Bollywood Ka Boss


Mumbai: After six months of quizzing sessions, Amit Pareek from Indore has won the title of Bollywood quiz show Bollywood Ka Boss, hosted by Boman Irani on FILMY.

After clearing his way through the SMS and the written test, 28-year old Pareek, a software engineer by profession was called for the shoot in Delhi. Since then Pareek has won his way round after round, in a really tough battle of ‘who knows most’ about Bollywood!

Being the sole earner of the family, winning the title of Bollywood Ka Boss was an emotional moment for Pareek’s family. Upon winning Pareek said, "Winning Rs 50 lakhs is like a dream come true. My mom and dad wept when I told them on phone that I had won the quiz! The concept of the show was good and the quizzing was genuine. Unlike other reality shows, Bollywood Ka Boss has really tested our knowledge of Bollywood, with some tough questions. Also, shooting with Irani was tremendous experience for me!"  

FILMY Senior Supervising Producer Anurag Bakhshi says, "When we started Bollywood Ka Boss, our objective was very simple, To find that one person who knows the most about Bollywood. In Pareek, we believe, we have found that person. Pareek was able to defeat 239 contestants to become India’s first Bollywood Ka Boss because he not only had a vast range of knowledge about all aspects of Bollywood, but he also had the presence of mind and speed to answer questions faster than the others. This was what won him the title and the grand prize of Rs 50 Lakhs and a Fiat Palio Stile."

When asked what Pareek plans to do with the prize money, he says he intends to buy a house and gift it to his mom and dad. He also plans to buy an in-built soundproof room so he can watch movies without disturbing anyone else! Spoken like a true Bollywood buff we say!

Irani said, "Pareek was fantastic and he deserves to win! I wish him all the best! Since my childhood, I have been an ardent fan of the Indian film industry. Through FILMY, Bollywood Ka Boss gave me a chance to live my passion. Working with Siddharth Basu and FILMY was value adding to my existing filmy knowledge and it was a great few months while shooting with the channel. I hope to see more such initiatives in the future which promote the existing passion for Hindi cinema."