Amitabh Bachchan an ardent fan of Rabbi



His songs take you into a retrospective mood, a personality whose voice is sexy as well as spiritual. Not only does he sing, he writes his own songs as well. His fingers glide over the guitar effortlessly. Today the popular Sufi cum Rock singer, Rabbi Shergill is on the popular charts of millions across the nation. In a rendezvous with Sanjeev Shrivastav from BBC EK Mulakat for Radio One FM 94.3 on Sunday 30th Sep, Rabbi Shergill gives a peek into his musical journey of life.

Hailing from an academic background, Rabbi had to rebel, runaway and do all sorts stunts to convince them on letting him pursue his passion. “You had to have an MA just to sit at our dining table!” says Rabbi. Inspired at an early age by the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Waddali Bandhu, Shiv Batalvi, Lata Mangeshkar and many western singers like Bono and Bob Dylan, Rabbi always tried ways to blend western music and spirituality. 

His first album ‘Bulla ki jaana mein kaun…’ remained a number one for 18-19 weeks, in the past few years no other song had been on top of the charts for so long. When asked about his admirers Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Rabbi humbly says, “I don’t know whether he is my admirer or not. But whenever he met me, he praised me. At one particular party, he met me very enthusiastically and said that he keeps listening to my songs in his car.”

He admits, “I was afraid that people wouldn’t understand the song…” but he was proved wrong and today he has people who say he is responsible for bringing back the wave of spirituality and a rejuvenating form of music. Ask him about his best praise till date and he says, “I had a hand in making spirituality popular amongst people it makes me happy… that people still request for lines uttered by Bulle Shah after he became enlightened some 300 hundred years ago. At that time, people immerse themselves in the ocean of spirituality for a brief spell. I consider the energy generated at that time one of the biggest praises.” 

An ardent hockey follower, Rabbi idealizes Pargat Singh, Jafar Iqbal and Shahid. But when quizzed about Bollywood, you surprisingly receive, “Bollywood has become the synonym of our culture, which I can’t accept. People living in Bandra, Santa Cruz, Lokhandwala and Juhu alone cannot decide this country’s culture… I don’t wish to be associated with the kind of movies that are being made in Bollywood.” But adds, “I might consider working with them in the future, if the quality of their films improves.”

Tune in to Radio One FM 94.3 to know more about Rabbi Shergill at 12 noon on Sunday, 30th September 2007.

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