Amitabh, tech it easy

Superstar Amitabh Bachchan knows everything there is to know about cinema… but not technology.

Recently Bachchan inaugurated an online payment service but admitted that he wasn’t computer savvy.

“Thank you very much for offering me such an exalted position of being able to come here this evening and open this wonderful nerve system of which I have no idea because I am not really computer savvy. I am very keen to know how this functions,” he said.

The Big B believes that technology does make life easier. “New innovations in this sphere are being brought up by people and it certainly helps us to move with times. Time is really moving fast now and every month new innovations are made, which brings us closer together. It makes life little more convenient and easier for us to exist and this is yet another experiment,” said Bachchan.

At the same time, Shah Rukh Khan, like the tech savvy Ram Prasad from Main Hoon Na knows his gadgets well.

“I am a computer geek. I know everything there is to know about computers. I can listen to music on it, edit films and make photographs apart from a lot of other things,” said Khan.

Khan has been conversant with the computer ever since childhood. “I was in class 7 or 8 when computers were introduced to us. Children should be introduced to computers as soon as they are introduced to television. Nowadays they are introduced to television as soon as they are born. From that age children are encouraged to watch TV. If they can watch TV for two-three hours, then they should not mind using the computer,” said Khan.

Computers have become a part of Khan’s lifestyle. “I use a computer for everything. From writing scenes, watching edited portions, editing my own films, teaching my children to research, I use it all the time. I also search on the net whenever I need to find out something. I do a Google search and also download a lot of software that is available,” he said.

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