HMV launches Strings – Bound By Faith music

The music release of Jolly Verghese’s Sanjay Jha directed, Strings – Bound By Faith by HMV took place at Landmark at Infinity Mall, Versova yesterday at 6pm.

Adam Bedi’s debut venture opposite Tannishtha Chatterjee and Sandhya Mridul, Strings is set against the backdrop of the Maha Kumbh and is India’s first travelogue film. Dad Kabir Bedi and sister Pooja Bedi were at the music launch to cheer Adam as was his girlfriend Nisha Harale. “It feels wonderful to be part of the celebrations of Adam’s debut film,” said a visibly emotional Kabir Bedi. Added sister Pooja, “I am here only for my brother Adam. It is a great feeling,”

Director Sanjay Jha talked about how the idea of crafting India’s first travelogue film cropped up in his mind, and how egged on by his friend Jolly Verghese, he went about completing it. Music director-singer Zubeen Garg was the hero of the day with the crowds cheering to his live performance at the mall.

Zubeen rendered his Strings numbers as well as the last superhit ‘Ya Ali’ at the mall to loud “cheers” and “once mores”. Moving on to the storyline, Strings is the story of Warren Hastings (Adam Bedi), a British youth persuaded to experience Mahakumbh at the behest of his Indian email friend, Maya (Sandhya Mridul).

Warren is also plagued by an unfulfilled quest, for understanding the mysticism of India, nurtured by the writings of his grandfather in a personal diary written during his posting in India. Warren has set upon a journey to unravel the secrets. Warren meets Krishna (Tannishtha Chatterjee), the only child of a temple priest Pandit Dinanath (Vineet Kumar). Krishna has grown up with an essence of Indian culture and its values, holding firm opinion and respect for her culture and religious traditions.

Warren and Krishna meet in the backdrop of chaos and conflicts. Their diversity brings them close to each other. For Krishna, to accept the feelings she has for Warren and giving in to a forbidden love, is difficult. She does so define the tenets of her upbringing.
Their life is blissful and stands tall to the power of togetherness until one day Krishna sheds her inhibitions and succumbs to her feelings.

How Krishna gathers her inner strength to face herself, her father and questions the norms and tenets she has been brought up in, forms the essence of Strings, the story of life and relationship beyond the seen and foreseen.

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