Amrit Sagar to direct Studio 18’s next

MUMBAI: “I have signed my next film with Studio 18,” asserts Sagar. “Currently I am writing two scripts, one is an action film and the other is a romantic film. So, whichever shapes up better and suits us more, will get made. Both these films would require big league stars, but I have not signed anybody on yet. Hopefully, the film should go on the floors by the end of this year.”

1971, slated for a 9 March 2007 release, marks the debut of Studio 18 into the field of worldwide distribution. Directed by Amrit Sagar, it has been produced by Sagar Arts.

About his association with Studio 18, Sagar says, “Quite a few distributors saw 1971, but none was brave enough to support it. Studio 18 has stepped forward to support it and the cause for which it has been made.”    

1971 has been produced by Sagar Arts, founded by Amrit’s grandfather Ramanand Sagar. “It is a big advantage to have a say in the production of the film because it gives me complete creative control. But the disadvantage is that if anything goes wrong, I am the only one to be blamed. I feel sad for those creative people who are dictated by studio bosses on how to make their films,” he says.

By Rohini Bhandari

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