Anaida on Zee Muzic from 11 – 17 September

Hold your breath, as Anaida will be the next blast on Zee Muzic’s Hafta Bandh. She will steal your hearts this week on Zee Muzic.

The leading Indian pop singer of today made a blazing debut in 1995 with her hit single Hotline. Anaida’s naturally mild looks and vibrant energies made her an icon for the peppy, curious and yet essentially innocent Indian teenager of the day against the more voluptuous variations available all over the music channels.

She made a heyday with ‘Oova Oova,’ which has come to symbolize the spirit of a generation. Since then, Anaida has moved on experimenting with Indian folk, Arabic pop and more recently, the international progressive forms, most truly represented in her forthcoming album Quest.

You can catch her all this week on Zee Muzic on:

Bollywood Tonight on 11 Sept at 8 pm.
Bollywood This Week on 17 September at 8.30 pm.
Chat with Roshni on Cinemascope on 16 Sept at 8.30 pm.
Weekend Countdown with Nina Manuel on 16 Sept at 7.30 pm.

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