Anil Kapoor launches Dr. Mukerjee’s new book

MUMBAI: Food lovers have a reason to cheer as Dr. Anjali Mukerjee reveals a complete source for healthy eating, in her new book called ‘Healing with Food’ published by Popular Prakashan was released at Crossword (Kemps Corner).

Eminent personalities like actor Anil Kapoor, choreographer Shiamak Davar along with Rashmi Uday Singh, author and food critic and Popular Prakashan MD Harsha Bhatkal released the book.

Speaking on this occasion, Dr. Anjali Mukerjee said, “More and more people are falling prey to various chronic conditions related to stress and modern lifestyle. The food we consume can rejuvenate, heal and restore health.  This book is to reach out to people and explain the key to health is not to eat less but to eat correctly.”

In her book ‘Healing with Food’ Dr. Mukerjee invites people to restore wellness in kitchen and in life. The book explains the readers the concept of Health and Healing through eating the right food. The book gives great insight into health and many complex diseases in a holistic manner. 

Bhatkal said, “The book consists of chapters on ailments like Acne, Arthritis, Cholesterol, Depression, High Blood Pressure, Insomnia, Osteoporosis, Stress, Obesity, and Varicose amongst many others. It tells you what to eat what not to eat if you suffer from these ailments.”

‘Healing with Food’ has chapters on Introduction to Health, Detoxification, Aging, and Immunity Boosters amongst other things. Anjali Mukerjee has devoted three chapters to Beauty through Health, Healthy Hair and The Mind and Body Connection.

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