Analogue prints delayed, UFO comes to rescue


    MUMBAI: Digital cinema chain UFO India saved the day for Fame Tapadia in Aurangabad when the analogue prints of Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag did not reach the entire Nizam territory in time because they were offloaded at the Mumbai airport.


    Shringar Cinemas’ Abhishek Rai said, “The minute we learnt that we wouldn’t be receiving the year’s most hyped movie – Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag‘s prints as expected this morning, we immediately called the people at UFO India Ltd and within half an hour, we received the license to show the movie in our theatre. Thanks to UFO India’s state of the art system being retrofitted in our cinema, we did not disappoint our anxious patrons, who had made advance bookings.”


    UFO India Ltd CEO India operations Rajesh Mishra added, “We are glad that we were able to assist Shringar Cinemas in their hour of need with our high technology system. Early box office earnings are the deciding factor for any film and no theatre owner would want to miss out on this golden opportunity.  There were no two ways about it and we went ahead and gave Fame Tapadia, Aurangabad the license to exhibit the movie.” 


    With constant upgradation in technology, impacting the Indian film industry positively, soon filmmakers will be opting for more digital rather than analogue prints due to the long list of benefits that it provides.