Andhra Pradesh bans dubbed films

The Andhra Pradesh Film Industry has imposed a ban on all dubbed films in Andhra Pradesh from Saturday, November 11, 2006. The decision will affect not only Hindi films, but also English, Tamil, Malayalam and other regional languages films as well. 

Banning dubbed films is not only going to cause heavy loss to the film industry in various states and languages, but will also adversely affect the choice of films available to the audience in Andhra Pradesh. If the ban is implemented, they will be deprived of watching and enjoying the film in a language of their choice.

Indian Motion Producers’ Association (IMPPA) has called for all the sectors of the film and entertainment industry to join hands and ensure that the ban is not implemented under any circumstances.

According to Anil Nagrath, Secretary of IMPPA, “Telugu film producers are earning substantial revenue due to the dubbed rights of their films in other languages, which are released all over India. Therefore there is no sense or logic in banning the release of other languages dubbed films in Andhra Pradesh. Such steps can be taken by other States too. Protectionist measures have never worked in the past and will also not work in the future. The audience is buying tickets. They know what they want to see and cannot be forced to see any particular language films by introducing such measures. We strongly hope that the ban is not implemented.”

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