Anees Bazmi’s No Entry sequel has two options


    MUMBI: At  a time when most filmmakers are running out of ideas producer Boney Kapoor has asked for, and got, two scripts from Anees Bazmi for the sequel to No Entry.

    When asked by about this unusual bounty of comic creativity in his backyard, Kapoor laughed, “Well, it’s true. Anees is working on two scripts for the sequel No Entry Mein Entry on two totally different tracks. Both the stories will have the same characters as No Entry. But while one film will carry the plot from the first film forward, the other will have a completely new plot. Which is to say, the characters would be the same in both the scripts. But they will placed in an entirely different situation and location from No Entry in one script.”

    Apparently Salman whose role has been considerably extended in the sequel is keen to go with the script with an entirely virgin plot that has no connection with the first No Entry film. This, because he has made a moral commitment to his buddy producer Sajid Nadiadwala that whenever he’d do a full-fledged sequel it would be for Nadiadwala’s Judwa.

    Bazmi says, “I’ve not discussed either of version of the No Entry Mein Entry script with Salmam. However if he prefers one version over another I’ve no objection to that, as long as Boney is okay with it.”