Angela Johnson back in ‘Sher Khan’ on Salman Khan’s recommendation


Mumbai: It’s going to be Angela after all. The lovely model-actress has been in search of a launch-pad in Bollywood for a very long time. In the process she got embroiled in a series of link-ups that did no service to her career as a movie actress. In fact she lost the chance to be launched opposite Salman Khan in Sher Khan because of her frequent forays into Page 3.

But all is not lost. Now we hear Angela is back in Sher Khan, specially on Salman Khan’s recommendation. A source says “Other options were explored. But nothing came of it. Actually Salman’s range of heroines is shrinking. He won’t work with Priyanka Chopra. Katrina and Salman have mutually decided not to sign any films together after Ek Tha Tiger. Deepika and Salman are somehow never working out together. As for Sonakshi, he’s wrapping up Dabangg 2 with her and shortly goes into Shirish Kunder’s Kick with her. It’s time to find new co-stars. Angela who is already signed with Salman’s home production, fits the role in Sher Khan perfectly.” Apparently the female protagonist in Sher Khan has to be “very feminine and yet very athletic”. Angela must not only romance Salman but also perform stunts with him.

The film is expected to be shot in the mountains and the jungles.“Angela has spent her childhood years exploring the mountainous outdoors of Kodaikanal where she grew up. She’s got what it takes,” says our source.While an official announcement is yet to be made, and Angela is making sure she doesn’t put her foot in her mouth this time—Sohail Khan after much prodding did say, “Angela has been signed by Sohail Khan Productions.”