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Watch: Salman Khan To Become Sher Khan

Salman Khan after making yet another mark in Bollywood with Kick has planned his next film called Sher Khan.

The Life And Legend Of Pran Sahab

For seven decades, Pran called films his home. We look back at many faces of Pran as he entertained the audiences for years.

EXCLUSIVE: Salman Khan’s Next ‘Radhe’ Inspired By His Being Human Endeavour

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan loved the fact that 'Radhe' gives him a chance to play his own age, and create a 'human chain'.

Salman Khan As… Salman Khan In ‘Sher Khan’

Fans prefer to see Salman Khan as …well, Salman Khan. Apparently get-ups and disguises don’t work for this matinee idol. Sure, he sported a moustache in 'Dabangg'. But that’s about it.

Salman Khan’s Leading Lady In ‘Sher Khan’ Is Angela Johnson

Salman Khan has given his final nod to Angela as his leading lady in his prestigious home production Sher Khan.

‘Sher Khan’ Is Salman Khan’s 2013 Eid Release, Sohail Confirms

Fans of Salman Khan can rejoice. The superstar’s Eid release has been decided. It’s going to be the tough fantasy-action-advetnture thriller 'Sher Khan' after all.

Salman Khan’s Choice For Eid 2013: Sher Khan

Even before Salman Khan’s mandatory Eid release for 2012 is out, his Eid 2013 project has just been finalized.

Angela Johnson back in ‘Sher Khan’ on Salman Khan’s recommendation

Mumbai: It’s going to be Angela after all. The lovely model-actress has been in search of a launch-pad in Bollywood for a very long...