Anil & Sonam Kapoor to endorse Emgee Group’s real estate projects

Mumbai: The father-daughter duo of Anil and Sonam Kapoor have been appointed as the brand ambassadors for Emgee Group, a global real estate developer.

With over four decades of experience in carving out residences across India, the Emgee Group is presenting their habitats with projects planned in Spain, Eastern Europe and other international territories. The brand’s European operations will be headquartered in London with representative offices across the continent to market their Indian and global projects.

To convey Emgee Group’s philosophy of discerning living requires a commitment to perfection and pioneers, who reflect the Emgee Group’s tenets of achievement, style and recognition can transmit this vision.

Anil Kapoor said, “After decades in the film industry, this is my second endorsement. Being a celebrity I have a responsibility to what I represent and would support a company or brand that shares the values which I believe in. Emgee Group’s team of individuals knitted together by the desire to help build people’s aspirations, exemplified by their tagline “We House Your Dreams”, have accomplished accolades with finesse. This philosophy encompassing passion, quality, integrity and transparency forms the pillar of my family too and Sonam and I are delighted to partner in their progress.”

Sonam added, “What I love about the designs and architecture of Emgee Group are that they craft homes in spaces with unparalleled comforts. “Anantam” – their villas and apartments at Dona Paula in Goa – are a case in point where sculptural finesse in concrete is adorned in the beauty of nature. Emgee Group’s endeavor in spearheading initiatives including the green revolution, juxtaposing of design concepts with nature is what sets them apart and is a replica of my persona.”