Anurag Basu holds forth on Metro


MUMBAI: Life in a…. Metro hit theatres on 11 May and garnered a whole lot of critical acclaim and scored well at the box office too. In a tête-à-tête with director Anurag Basu shares his views and experience post the film’s release.

Responding to kind of response the film attained he said, “The response has been good. It is heartening for any director to be critically acclaimed and also it is doing well in the box office.”

When questioned about the mixed response it got from various areas he said, “Most of the times I budget the film economically with a minimum guarantee of the film just doing well for one week, so that others don’t suffer losses. The film has been budgeted accordingly so that even if it does well for one week it proves profitable. It is doing very well, in all the big cities and metros. I am not at all bothered about small centers; in many areas we haven’t even released it.”

With regard to the overseas response to the movie, he says, “It has not done amazingly well but we are not dissatisfied with the results. We are happy because we have recovered our costs. We didn’t have a Shah Rukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan or Hrithik Roshan in the film but still it is doing better than Ta Ra Rum Pum.”

“Ronnie knew the risk he was talking and he went ahead, I respect him for that. We always knew this is not the typical overseas film; he still had the confidence. I think taking risks is what will take Bollywood ahead,” he adds.