Anurag Basu to produce fiction television show after Kites’ release


    MUMBAI: Director Anurag Basu, who is gearing up for the release of Kites starring Hrithik Roshan, is going back to his first love after the movie’s release.


    Basu, who started his career with television, will continue his association with the small screen soon after the release of Kites. Basu will be producing a fiction show for TV under his banner Ishana Productions.


    The show will be a collection of short stories connected to each other. Speaking to, Basu said, "I always like to keep one foot of mine in television because that’s where I started my career, I can never leave it completely."


    Even though he would like to direct the show, Basu will not be doing so. He adds, "There are so many things going on so I cannot direct it myself. I will only produce it." However, Basu did not reveal the name of the channel that will be airing the show twice a week.


    Basu has earlier directed TV shows like Tara, Koshish… Ek Aashaa, Saturday Suspense, Ajeeb Dastaan, Miit and Love Story.