Anurag Kashyap to host show on Fox History & Entertainment


MUMBAI: Director Anurag Kashyap will be hosting a show called True Stories on Fox History and Entertainment.

The show will launch on 11 June and will air every Thursday at 10 pm. True Stories series will have four one-hour documentaries that will look at real life inspirations behind movie icons like James Bond and Indiana Jones.

Fox History and Entertainment vice president programming Sudha Sadhanand says, "We wanted an Indian filmmaker to anchor this show as we have a long history of filmmaking. Anurag Kashyap is young, he cuts across our TG which is males 25+. He has a felicity with words and he appreciates good cinema. We were looking to add a layer to the show. He dived into the project right away and brought in interesting nuggets from his own experiences and films to the script. You will see him talk about the movies he was a part of – Satya, Dev. D and others that have their own true stories behind them."

"It was nice being on the other side for a change. This is my first time as a TV anchor and I am as excited to see the final product as I was when shooting for it. While the series explores the true stories behind the popular screen icons, I give my perspective on the movies that made them big," added Kashyap.