Arena Animation launches Academy Specialist Program

Mumbai: Arena Animation has announced the launch of the brand new version of its comprehensive 2.5year high-end animation-training course, the Arena Animation Academy Specialist Program 2008 (AAASP 2008), designed as a complete 3D Animation Career Program.

This specialist program is aimed at training students in the latest industry relevant technology so that they enter the world of animation as trained professional animators. Through project-based work in conjunction with theoretical and practical experience, students would get an opportunity to explore different ways to put ideas into practice for developing their portfolios.

The key features of AAASP 2008 include:

* Laddered learning – learn animation in the increasing order of complexity
* E-Projects
* Concept based modules like Character Anatomy as value addition in each semester
* Specialization in the area of interest and Creating Portfolio Demo Reel for the same
* Industry relevant curriculum with upgraded versions of software

Says Arena Animation global head R. Krishnan, "Arena Animation’s intensive course curriculum and experiential training is designed to give every student the competitive edge in the world of animation and make a great career in this new age industry. We are upgrading the course every year with the latest technological expertise so as to equip our students with the best of skills and make them valued members of this booming industry."

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