The 2007 winners, nominees of APSAs announced

Mumbai: Best Feature Film

* Winner – SECRET SUNSHINE (MIRYANG) (Republic of Korea). Produced by Kim In-soo, Lee Chang-dong and Hanna Lee
* CARAMEL (Lebanon/France).Produced by Anne Dominique Toussaint, Hadeel Kamel and Raphael Berdugo
* NIGHT BUS (AUTOBUS-ESHAB) (Iran). Produced by Mehdi Homayounfar
* OPERA JAWA (Indonesia). Produced by Garin Nugroho, Keith Griffiths and Simon Field
* TAKVA: A MAN’S FEAROF GOD (Turkey/Germany). Produced by Sevil Demirci Cakar, Klaus Maeck, Fatih Akin
Best Animated Feature Film

* Winner – 5 CENTIMETERS PERSECOND (BYOSOKU 5 CENTIMETERS) (Japan). Produced by Noritaka Kawaguchi
* THE BIG FIGHTINGBETWEEN WUKONG AND GOD ERLANG (WUKONG DA ZHAN ER LANG SHEN) (People’s Republic of China). Produced by Hansen Liang and Zhou Meiling
* SUMMER DAYSWITH COO (KAPPA NO COO TO NATSUYASUMI) (Japan). Produced by Yutaka Sugiyama
Best Documentary Feature Film
* A GREAT MASTERRECAPTURED (YOU JIAN MEI LAN FANG) ( People’s Republic of China). Produced by Gao Feng
* THE LOST LAND(SARZAMINE GOMSHODEH) (Iran). Produced by Vahid Mousaine Simani
* A STORY OF PEOPLE INWAR AND PEACE (Armenia). Produced by Vardan Hovhannisyan
* VILLAGE PEOPLE RADIOSHOW (APA KHABAR ORANG KAMPUNG) (Malaysia). Produced by Tan Chui Mui and Amir Muhammad

Best Children’s Feature Film

* Winner – DENIAS, SINGING ONTHE CLOUD (DENIAS, SENANDUNG DI ATAS AWAN) (Indonesia). Produced by Ari Sihasale
* THE BICYCLE (GULONG)(Philippines). Produced by Menardo Jimenez and Socorro Fernandez
* LOCKSMITH(GHOFL-SAZ) (Iran). Produced by Hassan Agha-Karimi
* MOTHER NANNY (INANGYAYA) (Philippines). Produced by Antonio Gloria
* MUKHSIN (Malaysia). Produced by Puad Onah and Rosnah Kassim

Achievement in Directing

* Winner ­ Rakhshan Bani-Etemad and Mohsen Abdolvahab for MAINLINE (KHOONBAZI) (Iran)
* Nadine Labaki for CARAMEL (Lebanon/France)
* Shawkat Amin Korki for CROSSING THE DUST (PARINAWA LA GHOBAR) (Iraq/Kurdistan)
* Peng Tao for LITTLE MOTH (XUE CHAN) (People’s Republic of China)
* Zhanna Issabayeva for KAROY (Kazakhstan)

Best Screenplay

* Winner – Feroz Abbas Khan for GANDHI, MY FATHER (India)
* Michael James Rowland and Helen Barnes for LUCKY MILES (Australia)
* Kiumars Pourahmad and Habib Ahmadzadeh for NIGHT BUS (AUTOBUS-E SHAB) (Iran)
* Lee Chang-dong for SECRET SUNSHINE (MIRYANG) (Republic of Korea)
* Onder Cakar for TAKVA: A MAN’S FEAR OF GOD (Turkey/Germany)

Achievement in Cinematography

* Winner – Hooman Behmanesh for THOSE THREE (AN SEH) (Iran)
* Wang Yu for THE GOMASTER (WU QINGYUAN) (People’s Republic of China)
* Sergey Trofimov for MONGOL (Russian Federation)
* Palitha Perera for SANKARA (Sri Lanka)
* Fei Zhao, Mark Ping-bin Lee and Tao Yang for THE SUN ALSO RISES (People’s Republic of China)

Best Performance by an Actress

* Winner – Jeon Do-yeon in SECRET SUNSHINE (MIRYANG) (Republic of Korea)
* Nadine Labaki, Yasmine Al Masri, Joanna Moukarzel, Gisele Aouad, Siham Haddad & AsizaSemaan in CARAMEL (Lebanon/France)
* Hanan Turk in CUTAND PASTE (KAS WA LAZK) (Egypt)
* Joan Chen in THE HOME SONG STORIES (Australia)
* Baran Kosari in MAINLINE (KHOONBAZI) (Iran)
Best Performance by an Actor

* Winner – Erkan Can in TAKVA: A MAN’S FEAR OF GOD (Turkey/Germany)
* Evgeniy Antropov in HARD-HEARTED (KREMEN) (Russian Federation)
* Ryu Deok-hwan in LIKE A VIRGIN (CHEON HA JANG SA MADONNA) (Republic of Korea)
* Mehrdad Seddiqian in NIGHT BUS (AUTOBUS-E SHAB) (Iran)
FIAPF Award for Outstanding Achievement in film in the Asia-Pacific region awarded to:

* Dr George Miller
UNESCO Award for Outstanding contribution to the Promotion and Preservation of Cultural Diversity through Film awarded to:

The Band’s Visit (BIKUR HATIZMORET) (Israel)
* Eilon Ratzkovsky (Producer)
* Ehud Bleiberg (Producer)
* Eran Kolirin (Director)
Jury Grand Prize was awarded to:

* Director of NIGHT BUS (AUTO BUS-E SHAB), Kiumars Pourahmad

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