Ashish Chowdhary: Laughing all the way from Gujju to Parsi!

Spreading the chuckles around seems to be Ashish Chowdhary’s daily agenda at the moment. After a most rib tickling and hilarious performance as a typically genial Gujarati man in Fight Club, Aashish will now assume the mantle of another community known for its humour and pleasant nature- the Parsis!. Our sources tell us that Aashish will play an amiable Parsi in Inder Kumar’s new laugh riot named Dhamaal, a fun filled role to follow up his Fight Club performance.

With funny films being the hotspot of cinema these days, the film promises to live up to its name with Ashish Chowdhary’s comic timing added to its package.

All we know is that Aashish is making sure we are Ek dum Maja ma!

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