Axxis’ media hub to be previewed at Marche du Film, Cannes

    CANNES: Axxis aims to be the nexus of the media industry by combining an extensive variety of supporting and related media services under one roof aptly named The Axxis.

    To be situated on prime real estate in the bustling city of Singapore, The Axxis will be home to an incubation centre for aspiring film professionals and animators, a media-themed entertainment centre for the whole family, as well as a multi-screen Cineplex with a 5-D cinema showcase that promises to be a revolutionary multi-sensory experience. In addition, a highly interactive media walk-through demonstration will breathe life into the process of high-end film and animation production.

    "As a Director, I am excited about what Axxis represents – an end to end solution for media – from concept to distribution", says Victor Gaughan. With a team of highly qualified and experienced directors, producers and staff, Axxis draws from a vast global network of distributors, content owners, and financiers to provide end-to-end media services. Backed by prodigious technical expertise, cutting-edge proprietary software, and state-of-the-art facilities, the organization also offers creative and conceptual services with an emphasis on new media.

    "The Axxis will be one of a kind in Asia. It will be the ultimate media destination for businesses and consumers – a place where the magic of creation happens and where one can experience the evolution of cutting edge media technology," says Axxis CEO Benjamin Toh. "At the same time, we will act as a bridge between Asia and the western world in providing top-notch media solutions and services," he adds.

    A number of new projects have already commenced in Axxis, as part of the company’s co-production undertakings. These include four live-action/CG feature films and a reality television series, valued at over $100 million. D’Beginning, Axxis’ biggest budget production to-date, is an eco-disaster adventure that will star A-list Hollywood actors alongside fresh faces. Bubblegum Crisis is a film based on the same-name original anime series from Japan about four young female mercenaries fighting for justice. 13 Killers is a futuristic action-packed adventure story of deceit and suspense. The Dissolve is a horror thriller derived from a Thai urban legend; and reality series Dragon Island will pit athletic young men from around the region against each other in a quest to discover the next martial arts super-star.

    Through continued understanding of the consumer, Axxis will revitalize current media trends, turning traditional concepts into new media interpretations, as it strives towards becoming an excellent media hub.