BAG Films launches entertainment news channel E 24

Mumbai: BAG Films & Media Ltd. has unveiled its second channel E24. E24 would be the country’s first entertainment news channel targeted at avid Bollywood fans. This makes it non-specific to a particular age group. E24 is the latest feather in the cap of BAG Films’ media division Broadcast24 – under whose aegis News24 and Dhamaal 24 were successfully launched last quarter and last year, respectively.

E24 will benefit from the well established distribution network as well as the news gathering infrastructure of its older sibling News 24. The channel has kept its mandate as speed, accuracy and authenticity in reporting, while retaining the Bollywood flavor.

E24’s core editorial team begins with Bindu Sharma, an industry veteran of TV. She will pick the production and programming team. The anchors include Dilkhush and Neha.

E24 will provide a window of opportunity for a 24/7 credible representation of tinsel town, that Bollywood has so far lacked in India. Cable operators can download E24 from Satellite INSAT 4A, Frequency 4134 Mhz, FEC ¾, Polarization Horizontal, Symbol Rate 10600 ksps and Service Name E24. E 24 will also be available across other delivery platforms, such as DTH, mobile TV and web streaming.