Dubbed Hollywood films on Bindass Movies


MUMBAI: Beginning 29 March, UTV’s Bindass Movies will showcase 200 newly acquired Hollywood movies like Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2, Broken Arrow, Die Hard trilogy, Big Momma’s House II, Scary Movie Trilogy, Duplex, Broken Arrow, Predator amongst others, all dubbed in Hindi in bindass style.

Bindass Movies has acquired a sturdy library of comedy and action films from Hollywood studios like Warner Brothers, FOX, and Disney. These films will be telecast on weekends under three branded slots that include Saturday XL Premiere, Friday Comedy and Sunday Action.

Saturday XL Premiere would première all top Hollywood premiere movies like Kill Bill, Broken Arrow, My Boss’ Daughter and Duplex in April. Friday Comedy will have rib tickling comedies like Garfield, Me Myself & Irene, Austin Powers In Gold Member and Dumb & Dumber. Sunday Action will feature Who Am I, Time Machine, Elektra, The Day After Tomorrow and a lot more.

Bindass Movies GM acquisitions Manasi Sapre says, "Dubbed entertainment has emerged as a fantastic alternative to live action productions in the past few years. It permits audience to sample international content of great quality in language they comprehend and appreciate. Indian audiences will be thrilled to see Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Carrey talking in bindass Hindi style."