BBC’s Talking Movies celebrates 400 episodes

MUMBAI: Talking Movies, the weekly film review and magazine programme that broadcasts internationally on BBC World, looks back over more than seven years of interviews this week to celebrate its 400th episode. 


The cinema correspondent Tom Brook hosts the show which began in 1999 and has been praised for its fresh approach to film by actors including Michael Caine and Russell Crowe and directors such as Baz Luhrmann.


With reviews, in-depth interviews, and behind-the-scenes reports, Talking Movies is regularly filmed from New York with specials from Hollywood and the Cannes, Sundance and Toronto international film festivals. Brooke is currently celebrating his 22nd year of reporting on the US film industry for the BBC, and has attended every Academy Awards ceremony during this time.


Since it began, Talking Movies has interviewed most of the big names in modern cinema.  In this special anniversary episode, the Talking Movies team trawls its archives for some classic interviews featuring Michael Caine, Woody Allen, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Terry Gilliam, Woody Harrelson, Lauren Bacall, Holly Hunter, Dame Judy Dench, Mike Figgis, Robert Redford, George Clooney and Arnold Schwarzenegger.


“We try to be different from mainstream movies shows. We take a serious, independently-minded journalistic approach in our coverage that sets us apart from our competitors. Our reports have ranged from examining the role of the movie publicist to taking an in-depth look at the Indian film industry. I’m very proud of our programme. I’m blessed with a dedicated team of talented picture editors, shooters and reporters who have enabled me to present each episode of the programme since we began in January 1999,” Brooke said.


The programme has had endorsements from celebrities such as Indian filmmaker Mira Nair, Martin Scorsese and Hugh Jackman.


This special anniversary edition will be aired on BBC World from 8 November at 1:30 pm, and repeated at 4 pm on the same day. The show will also be aired on 9 November at 9 pm, 10 November at 8 pm and 11 November at 1:30 pm.

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