Bhansali’s Devdas in 3D to release this year



MUMBAI: 10 years after it created an enormous global impact Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s operatic adaptation of  Saratchandra Chatterjee’s  Devdas is being taken to another level.

The film is all set to be converted into 3D.The technique that has lately been applied to another legendary love story Titanic, seems ideal to express Bhansali’s spatial opulence and the dream-like operatic mood of the ambience in which the saga of star-crossed lovers unfolds.

The plan is to release Devdas in 3D before the end of this year since 2012 is the 10th year of the film’s existence.

Says a source close to the project, “It’s ten years since Devdas made such respoundng impact not just in the Indian market but also in non-Indian cinematic enclaves like the Cannes film festival. Sanjay Leela Bhansali feels the theme of  doomed love remains as relevant as ever.He feels the film’s epic scale and vast stretches of space would render themselves perfectly to the 3D technique.”

Confirming 3D plans Bhansali said, “Devdas is the ultimate love story.  Devdas’s unflinching  love for Paro  whereby even  the seductive  Chandramukhi couldn’t distract him, is timeless. He’s like Vishwamitra who doesn’t lose his concentration no matter what  the  temptation. Chandramukhi tries so hard to wean him away. But his love was so pure . To him love to him was about the purity that Paro represented.  In his dying moments all he wants to see is the woman he loves . Devdas gave dignity to the concept of love. I’ve never heard of such love anywhere else. I love this film as much as Devdas loved his Paro.  I gave  everything I had to give to Devdas. I knew I’d never make a better love story because there’s none.”