Ranbir Kapoor announced brand ambassador for Lenovo


Ranbir Kapoor

MUMBAI: Ranbir Kapoor is now the official brand ambassador of PC vendor – Lenovo.

“We want to play aggressively in the consumer space and become the preferred PC brand among the Youth. Ranbir embodies an exemplary blend of both style and performance, making him the ideal choice for Lenovo. With his remarkable appeal to youngsters across the country, we are confident Ranbir will communicate our brand’s ‘DO’ attributes to our consumers effectively.” said Shailendra Katyal, Director- Marketing, Lenovo India.
Ranbir confirmed, “I have always been passionate about technology and I am really excited. I believe great things come to those who challenge the present and I am proud to partner with Lenovo’s passion to empower DOERS and put technology in the hands of people who don’t just dream the extraordinary but actually make things happen”
Lenovo is soon to launch a set of TV commercials starring the actor.