Bhatts to make sequel to Raaz

MUMBAI: 2006 saw Bollywood sequels doing exceptionally well at the box-office. Bhatt brothers Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt too are joining the bandwagon this year, by planning a sequel to their 2002 hit Raaz.

Says Mukesh Bhatt, “More than half dozen sequels were made last year and we have decided to add our biggest hit of 2002 ( Raaz) in our repertoire of films in 2007. We also have Awarapan, Show Biz, Dhokha, Suicide Bomber and Love Story in the making. Raaz 2 is currently in the scripting stages. We have not decided whether we will repeat director Vikram Bhatt or the cast. We may get a new director, but will be repeating Nadeem-Shravan to provide the music score for the film. We will be launching this film soon.”

The original Raaz starred Dino Moreo, Bipasha Bashu and Malini Sharma. Apart from Raaz, the duo of Nadeem Shravan has provided hit music for the Bhatt camp right from Aashiqui, Sadak, Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin and other films.

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